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Healthcare/HealthONE’s Swedish Medical Center Performs First Deep Brain Stimulation Procedure for Epilepsy

Shahina Khatun



HCA Healthcare/HealthONE’s Swedish Medical Center has announced that they have successfully completed the stimulation on the deep brain on a patient with epilepsy. This is the first and foremost procedure which is performed at the accredited epilepsy center of level 4 in Swedish Medical Center and 2nd in the Colorado. A functional neurosurgeon of Swedish Medical Center named Dr. Matthew Mian performed this invasive procedure in this week. Deep brain stimulation is used for the movement disorders such as the Parkinson’s disease and the Essential Tremor for several decades. It was first approved in 2018 by FDA to treat the patients with the epilepsy and whose seizures are difficult to control with the medications.

Dr. Mian said that deep brain stimulation uses a simple implanted medical device which is similar to the cardiac pacemaker so that doctors can deliver the electrical pulses to the target areas in the brain. He added that for the patients, who are living with epilepsy, it is perfectly a safe procedure and there is a minimal invasive chance to reduce seizures and even it can improve the quality of life. Based on the Epilepsy Foundation, around 3.4 million people across the United States are living with epilepsy and the antiepileptic drug medication can be the mainstay of the treatment but approximately 1/3 of the patients having epilepsy have seizures which actually don’t show any response to the medications. Deep brain stimulation for the epilepsy has a potential to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy for the patients who are suffering from this frequent seizures.

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