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Halo Publishing International Inc. Publishes “Your Voice Is Your Power”

Shahina Khatun



If you are controlled by the voices of failure, voices of fear and doubt, then you are like thousands of those women who feel trapped by the circumstances and fear. All of these are well known to Romona Robinson. She is an award-winning author as well as an anchor. She has taken interviews of hundreds of people who struggle in their jobs that they hate so much, people who are strapped by their economy, people who are in a bad relationship or the people who are in poor health. The people have become weary and are searching for their answers. They want to know why God doesn’t come to rescue while everyone else is living their lives so happily.

Her second book named “Your Voice is Your Power” is supposed to give all these answers which she hopes. She hopes that the book will answer all their questions through several personal stories which silenced the voices of anxiety, insecurity and also fear in her own life. The author says that the truth was she had been living a lie and had been blinded by the society. Sometimes we all have to speak the truth to move past our problems.

After 30 years of taking interviews and engaging in community work, she had discovered that the power of sharing her own story can be a great way for the people. The women and girls among those general people had question for her – how could she able to push the roadblocks of her past life? Robinson understood that her stories really had the ability to aid others who had been facing those challenges.

Publisher Lisa M. Umina commented on her book and said that Robinson showed the readers step by step about how she moved past the fear in her own life and how the people could do the same thing to change their lives.

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