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Gutsy: Release, Cast, Review, Trailer, and All You Need to Know!




Gutsy is a documentary series. It features prominent female stars, activists, and community leaders. The docuseries features people that are making some positive changes in the world. The series will premiere on Apple TV+. The premiere date is the 9th of September.

What is the cast of the show?

Gutsy is a documentary series where Clintons become the interviewers. The docuseries also stars the famous mother-daughter duo. Hillary Clinton is the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. She was also the presidential candidate. She is 74 now.

The show also stars Chelsea Clinton. She is the only daughter of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Also, she is an author and public health advocate. She sits on the Board of Trustees of IAC. IAC owns Dotdash Meredith. She is 42.

Anna Chai is the showrunner and executive producer of the show. The Clintons also serve as the executive producers of the show. The production took place worldwide. The locations included Paris, New York City, and many more.

What is the show about?

The series is a documentary. It has 8 episodes. The show focuses on the Clintons and how they interview female artists and activists. These people are changing the world. The Clintons also aim to bring forward their work and honor them.

The famous book’ The Book of Gutsy Women’ inspired this docuseries. The show features many prominent women. Some of them are Kim Kardashian, Amy Schumer, and Jane Goodall. The show also includes warriors like Jackie Martinez and Shannon Watts.

What is the review of Gutsy?

The show is excellent. The Clintons have faced the camera many times. They know how to take the spotlight. But they focussed on the guests. The show does a good job of presenting its stories.

Is the trailer of the show available?

Yes. The trailer of the show is available.

You can also watch the trailer of the series on AppleTV’s official YouTube channel.

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