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GullyBuy Launches Mobile Apps for Effective Local Shopping

Shahina Khatun



A software startup from Pune named GullyBuy, has launched its mobile apps for customers and vendors. With these apps, customers can order necessary products and groceries online from their local stores, home entrepreneurs and other market places.

People mostly rely on local vendors and stores to get their daily essentials and medicines. As they are now maintaining social distance to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, they are ordering their necessary items by calling and messaging the vendors. The whole process is time-consuming and often there are mistakes from the vendor end. They find it very difficult to manage all these orders, reminders and delivery processes. GullyBuy has comprehended the problem and developed a simple app to bring order to the chaotic workload from start to end.

The apps are free for users. Buyers can choose whether the stores could provide home delivery, or the buyers need to pick up products from the store. For the latter case, stores will pre-pack the products and hand them over to customers without making them wait.

These unique apps are compatible with the untraditional nature of transactions with small stores. Users are required to write their necessary items in plain text.  After downloading the vendor app, vendors can receive online orders instantly. Apps will keep track of all kinds of payment status. Not only that, but apps will also be providing necessary analytics and other capabilities to both users and vendors.

GullyBuy is a Pune based software startup with a track record of sequential entrepreneurship with high sustainability.

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