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GRANTfinder Provides Councils Free Support Tool to Help Local Businesses

Shahina Khatun



As the business world is going through a very difficult time, and the situation is going down day by day due to the concussion of coronavirus pandemic, sorting out and funding organizations in need is very urgent.

UK’s leading business funding information provider GRANTfinder has come forward to solve this issue. It’s public and voluntary section has announced all councils a six month’s free ingress to an absolutely new funding portal.

The portal has been established on the successful Open4Business solution. It offers a straightforward way to encourage available funding allowing many regional authorities to support businesses in their particular areas to recognize financing to thrive and succeed. It will be updated regularly to provide the latest local and national funding announcements. Any business can search and find them easily on the basis of their distinct industry, business size and region. This new portal also provides information on applying for funding and contacting funders directly.

To get access to the portal, all councils require to contact GRANTfinder and describe their eagerness. The portal has enough facilities to be activated quickly for their regional or local area, and the free program continues until 17 October.

GRANTfinder’s Head of Business, John McLaren, says that the company will be promoting the COVID-19 recovery response all over the UK when it is the most needed. He also mentions that the situation is fast-moving; however, the Open4Business portal offers a very sleek way for councils to promote funding to every struggling business in their local area.

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