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Grand Opening of Content and Design Firm Content Callout

Shahina Khatun



Content Callout, which is a group of several better executives and creative personals who are creating influential along with stunning brands which will reach the target audience. Based on Calgary of Canada, the company has opened their virtual doors.

The Founder, Entrepreneur and also Host of this top negotiation podcast named Mark Raffan has brought his top designers, personal coaches, designers, writers as well as the social media professionals together and all of them will work together smoothly to create notable and uncommon content which will take clients from the ideas to the influencers within a few months.

The Founder and Entrepreneur Mark Raffan said that they took the time to understand truly about the brand and to create a convincing online presence which resounds with the target audience and also differentiates from the others in the field. He added that with the services including web designing, personal branding, photography, online publishing services, videos as well as writing, they had the tools need to establish as a thought leader with the customers.

About Mark Raffin

Mark Raffan has developed and delivered the most charming negotiation training as well as content across the world. Using the extensive experience telling to the executives of Mark and the teams on this topic of negotiation. The podcast of Mark’s negotiation leverages data and the groups which already exist in business to run more value to provide the companies with the proper tools that they need to attain a good outcome. Working as a high level negotiator in the C-suite negotiations for some years.

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