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Google is bringing new data-saving features to Android TV platform

Aaron Ross



Android TV

One of the biggest companies in the world, Google, is looking to make the Android TV platform. For this reason, it is known that Google will be releasing a new Android TV update which will update the platform to Android 10. Apart from that, Google is also looking to bring new hardware to its lineup which there are no reports about. However, we believe that this will be the regular Nvidia platform hardware upgrade or something new and consumer-facing from Google.

Talking about Google and Android TV platform, one of the biggest boosts to Android TV platform was given by China’s Xiaomi last year when they released their lineup of Mi TVs which run on Android TV platform in the Indian markets last year. Since the TVs were launched at a very aggressive price, they managed to claim a huge chunk of the Android TV market and they have not looked back since then. A few days back, Xiaomi launched its lineup of Mi TVs once again which now come in bigger display sizes and similarly-aggressive prices.

As a part of this launch, Google also announced that Android TVs are getting data-saving features soon. This means that you will now be able to save data on your TVs as well like the way you do it on your Android smartphones. Google is one of those companies which wants to penetrate in every household around the world whereas Apple wants to claim the premium market.

For this reason, Google is offering its products to be run on low-internet usage as well as no internet too. Google says that its latest data saving features on Android TV will reduce the data consumption by up to three times. There will now be a “data alerts” feature which will help users monitor the amount of data they have used on the TV.

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