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Good Rivals: Release, cast, synopsis, trailer, and much more



Good Rivals

Good Rivals is an American and Spanish web series. The show is a documentary made in three parts. The show will premiere on the famous streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. The release date of the show is on the 24th of November, 2022.

What is the show Good Rivals about?

The show is also about the intense rivalry between the men’s national soccer teams of the US and Mexico. The documentary takes you back to the 24-game losing streak of America to Mexico. This happened from 1937 to 1980. However, this was the start of a rivalry worth knowing about.

The show gives us an idea of the recruiting battles between both countries. It also follows the victory of the US over Mexico in 2002 after a long time. The show explores social, political, and sporting themes as well. The show also gives you a clear picture of those days.

Who is in the cast of Good Rivals?

The cast members include players from the soccer teams. They are Landon Donovan, Rafael Marquez, and Alexi Laxas. Javier Hernandez and Frankie Hejduk are a part of the cast as well. Some cast members are Luis Hernandez, Clint Dempsey, and Hugo Sanchez. Also, some more cast members include Marcelo Balboa, Claudio Reyna, and Manuel Negrete.

Gabriel Serra is the director of the series. Executive producers of the show include David Ellison, Jon Weinbach, and John Skipper. Skydance Sports and Meadowlark Media are the production companies involved here. Prime Video Sports is also a significant production company for this show.

What is the review of Good Rivals?

The show is a must-watch for soccer fans. The series is very thrilling to watch. It consists of interviews with players. There is some soccer footage from matches as well. The show also takes you on a gripping ride of rivalry, loss, and victory.

Is the trailer available?

Yes. The trailer is available to watch.

It is the perfect time to watch the show as the FIFA World Cup is here.

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