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God’s Favorite Idiot: Release Date, Trailers, Star Cast and much more



God's Favorite Idiot

Netflix is back with another comedy series, God’s favorite Idiot. The series will release on 15th June and will have a total of 15 episodes. Ben Falcone is the creator of the series and also the protagonist in the series.

Who all are starring in the God’s Favorite Idiot releasing on Netflix on June 15?

The series will feature some of the amazing star cast. We will see the remarkable Ben Falcone in the character of Clark Thompson. He will be co-cast with his wife. We will see Melissa McCarthy in the character of Amily Luck.

Chris Sandiford will be in the character of Tom in the series. We will also see Leslie Bibb in the role of Satan. The comedy series will also feature Ana Scotney in the character of Wendy. Yanic Truesdale will be in the role of Chamuel. God’s favorite idiot will also include Usman Ally in the role of Mohsin Raza.

We will see Steve Mallory in the character of Frisbee. We will see Kevin Dunn in the character of Gene.

What is the synopsis of the upcoming comic series, God’s favorite on Netflix?

The series will discuss the life of a mediocre guy who suddenly starts glowing after striking by lightning. Everyone thinks he is someway related to God. So everyone takes him as God’s messenger.

The series will feature a biblical slant. He will be gathering his flock to fight Satan himself. During the gathering, the audience will love how funnily the co-workers help the protagonist come up with a solution. And, he must entitled to stop the apocalypse with the help of his human friend.

Is the trailer for the series God’s favorite out yet?

Yes, the trailer is already available on the YouTube platform and Netflix platforms.

The trailer highlights the fun the series will be, with laugh-filled scenes and great punches.

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