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Geekland has Innovated Ai Based Devices to Ensure Workers Safety

Shahina Khatun



Every industry is doing its best to fight against the COVID-19 and its effect. I.T. industry is not an exception; instead, people are relying on the tech industry to normalize their lives and empower themselves through innovations.

Recently Geekland U.S.A., L.L.C., a privately funded company that works on Android-based devices, has introduced a new appliance. This device will alert an employee if he has a higher temperature than usual so that the employee can decide his next step.

The device has incorporated A.I. based control so it can automatically detect the temperature and analyze it to be sure of a potential threat. It has already been tested and tried, and it can monitor employees at the entry to the office and quickly scale their temperature. If needed, it will alert the specific employee about his condition. Thus, the employee can be able to approach appropriate medical help.

Geekland has also integrated a dynamic facial recognition system so that it can quickly recognize employees and alert them. The device is based on Android 8.1 and has an 8″ wide touch screen display. The facial recognition camera, temperature sensor are other essential features of the invention. It can be hanged on the wall and operate from a desktop.

Professionals think that the application has a utility to all areas of business and office where security is vital for every member. This device can be easily deployed and integrated with the main building access system.

Geekland is planning on using the device with application software that is already designed to market in the U.S.A.

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