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GCP Fund Provides Asset-Based Lending to Help Businesses Meet Their Immediate Short-Term Financing Needs

Shahina Khatun



Successful business fields face many challenges in which an important one is to keep the supply of adequate cash to maintain operational activities as well as short-term liability payoff.

Due to inadequate cash flow, businesses face risk of losing operational ability. Asset-based financing here add a great opportunity to restrain bankruptcy by allowing quick access in financing.

Global Capital Partners Fund LLC is a leading asset-based private lender that provides reliable simple as well as hassle-free financing solutions to clients to meet financial shortage. This company is situated in New York with vast network of lenders.

GCP offers a secured loan based on their client’s assets including account receivable, machinery and inventory which provides quick access of clients to cash.

GCP employees says that they work closely with the clients to catch on the need and to help to overcome the financial obligations. This asset-based financing can particularly be beneficial to the clients when they undergo an unexpected expenditure. Like if any business needs to buy machinery or to pay off the obligations, they need a huge amount of cash, in this case they can receive a loan.

GCP fund finances in many options like bridge financing, private lending, hard money loans, real estate financing, mezzanine financing, joint venture financing, construction loans as well as acquisition financing.

GCP Fund has been offering commercial financing solutions to its clients for several years. The company has a team of professional underwriters who evaluate each case carefully and formulate the best strategy to help clients successfully manage their finances and have already funded over $2 billion from 2008.

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