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GateFrog Website Offers Flight Tracking, Airport Guides and Hotel Booking for Stranded Air Travelers

Shahina Khatun



The chief executing officer of the GateFrog named Maxi Benbassat has declared that the company has planned on adding around 20 more domestic markets after the successful soft-launch of GateFrog for live agent booking. Besides, the app is now on its way to being started at the end of 2020 and the GateFrog app will soon be available on the iOS as well as on the Android devices. In addition, it will offer the similar flight tracing, weather and airport information and flight tracking and all that the app will offer, will be in a user friendly format – reported by CEO.

Maxi Benbassat has also elaborated that there is a great necessity for the service of his company. He said that all the passengers want an easy and a simple way to fly to their beloved destination. However, stuffs such as bad weather conditions along with flight delays are still very common and thus it can quickly change their great trip into a bad nightmare. There was very little data which were available and it was provided by Maxi Benbassat on the user growth. But he said that they had been receiving the upwards of around 5 thousands visitors in last 2 weeks. He added that he had expected the marketing plan to get a very solid footing to the target markets since the weather had got more complex.

The website of the GateFrog states that they are going to provide flight rebooking services as well as hotel and merchant packages in the upcoming weeks.

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