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Garcia!: Release, cast, synopsis, trailer, and All You Need to Know!




Garcia is a Spanish web series. The series is a thriller science fiction. The streaming platform HBO Max will premiere the web series. However, the series’ release date is on the 28th of October, 2022.

What is Garcia about?

Garcia is set in modern-day Spain. Spain and its society are on the verge of societal collapse. The web series also follows a reporter by the name of Antonia. The reporter finds a very old plot.

The plot is about a super agent created in the 1950s. Francoist secret services created them. The super agent is also cryogenic. The reporter, Antonia, brings him back into the present world. The special agent finds himself in Spain. However, he gets confused and tries to find his way in a destructible society.

Who is in the cast of Garcia?

The cast of the show consists of many good actors and actresses. Francisco Ortiz is the lead of the show. He also plays the character of Garcia. Veki Velilla plays the role of reporter Antonia. Daniel Freire plays the role of Neffenberg.

Garcia is a graphic novel by Santiago Garcia and Luis Bustos. The show also gets inspired by the novel. Sara Antuno and Carlos de Pando are the creators and writers of the show. Eugenio Mira is the director of the web series. Antony Root, Steve Matthews, and Miguel Salvat are the show’s executive producers.

What is the review of Garcia?

People have loved this show a lot. The show has “agile storytelling and a committed cast”. The execution of the story on screen is fantastic. However, the show is a combination of adventures like Indiana Jones and action like James Bond.

Is the trailer available?

Yes. The trailer of Garcia is available to watch. You can also watch the trailer on HBO Max’s official youtube channel.

The show is a mixture of mystery, sci-fi, action, and adventure. Don’t forget to watch it.

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