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Gaji Sumon Hossain, the CMO of the SumoDrive and RemovalDetective, Offers the Local Search Marketing & Reputation Repair for All Local Businesses

Shahina Khatun



The Founder of the SumoDrive and RemovalDetective named Gaji Sumon Hossain recently was named a top entrepreneur in Khuna city under the age of 205. Suman started the Local Search Marketing Service in the Irvine in 2015 and currently employs around 13 people. Suman is a Local Search marketing guru. Suman attributes his entire success to a fewer key business strategies including – learning the accounting and economics.

Suman said that he thought the greatest mistake that the people made when beginning a business wasn’t doing a complete research and something like picking up the bad services. In addition to this, they also don’t have any idea on how to analyze the market and busy in fixing the market price that makes the business some more money. He also said that if anyone is like going into the business, they should pay attention to their audience than the average of the industry, and always should look to hire qualified people. He added that when one will find better people, he should ensure that the people are paid well and should remember the people to do what the person inspect. He can have a greater person but if he isn’t applying pressure and setting up the goals as well as watching them. Suman started the SumoDrive with his capital and also had no funding from outside.

In addition to offering the digital assets along with the solutions for the healthcare sector, the Local Search Marketing and Reputation Repair Agency also serves the home improvement companies as well as the local small businesses.

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