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For Digital Media Excellence – B2B Media Company Starts the 2020 Dottie Awards

Shahina Khatun



B2B Media Company has announced the beginning of 2020 Dottie Awards for the Digital Media Excellence. The Dottie is going to host nearly more than 300 categories and these categories are from the best advertising to best website for marketing, digital media publishers as well as the public agencies to get in. The Dottie Awards will be run alongside 68th Annual Maggie Awards, and they will serve better to the digital media publishers, advertisers, marketers as well as the public relations community. The Call4Entries has opened on 1st October 2019 at the Dottie website named

According to the Awards Chair named Catherine Upton, the new Dottie Awards will become a great complement for the 68th Annual Maggie Awards and it will expand its honor to the digital media publishers and the Dottie Awards will reflect the performance and the product of digital communities much better. Besides it will also expand the entry qualification for marketing, advertising and for the public relation agencies. 

The categories which the 2020 Dottie Awards TM is going to include are:

  • Best Website Trade (B2B)/NPO/Student/Association/Consumer
  • Best Microsite Trade (B2B)/NPO/Student/Association/Consumer
  • Best Website Article Trade (B2B)/NPO/Student/Association/Consumer
  • Best Website Featured Article/Association/NPO/Column Consumer/Trade (B2B)
  • Best Online Buyers Guide/Trade (B2B)/Consumer/NPO/Association
  • Best Online Directory Trade (B2B)/Consumer/NPO/Association
  • Best Online Visitor’s Guide/Trade (B2B)/NPO/Association/Consumer
  • Best E-Newsletter Trade (B2B)/NPO/Association/Consumer
  • Best Digital Publication/Trade (B2B)/NPO/Association/Consumer
  • Best Blog Series or Single Trade (B2B)/NPO/Personal/Marketing/Consumer
  • Best Video Channel Trade (B2B)/Association/Marketing/Advertising/NPO/Consumer
  • Best Use of Video in Long Form and Editorial Short Trade (B2B)/Consumer/Association/Marketing/NPO
  • Best Use of Social Media Trade (B2B)/Association/Consumer/Marketing/NPO
  • Best Social Media Community Trade (B2B)/Association/Marketing/NPO/Consumer

Catherine Upton also reported that the Maggie Awards had a solid reputation of honoring the excellent across print and also both online and digital brands. Besides, B2B was very glad to expand the tradition with the reputed Dottie Awards and this Awards would extend to the whole media channel from online, digital, print, video as well as the social media.

The important dates of Dottie Awards are:

Call for Entries Has Opened October 1st, 2019
Early Entries Will Close December 31, 2019
Late Entries Will Close February 7th, 2020
Judging Will Start February 10th, 2020
Judging Will End February 28th, 2019
Finalists Will be Notified March 2020
Awards Event Will Take Place April 2020

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