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Florida Keys Children’s Shelter Has Raised the Bar on Fundraising Events

Shahina Khatun



The local non-profit has reached to the global audience via the partnership with Adam S. Rote of the ASR Art. The CEO, Ben Kemmer along with Mayor’s Ball Committee leadership had sought to increase the bar on fundraising by making a partnership with the world well recognized Americal Realist Painter named Adam S. Rote. The group had made the decision to pay honor to all the Monroe County Mayor’s with 18th Annual Mayor’s Ball by moving the location out of the Key West where first it is hosted for last 17 years to the central location. Ben Kemmer said that the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter services families and children across the Monroe County, therefore they had thought that best to host shelter’s greatest annual fundraiser within a neutral location. He added that they had picked up the most beautiful Isla Bella Beach Resort in the Marathon of Florida to host the annual event that would be held on the 11th January of 2020.

Key West Gallery was the supporter of FKCS for 2019 Mayor’s Ball and extended a warm addition to the Adam to partner with for 2020 event. Adam is now donating one of his Alice in the Wonderland Drink Me paintings for only live auction item which is quite perfect for Mayor’s Ball in the Wonderland Theme. The Alice series has also become star studded, Adam has worked together and co-signed with some more Academy award as well as legendary performers than any kind of passed or living artist in the history. Rote has said that he was able to join an outstanding cause since his several collectors had homes in Florida Keys.

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