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Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2: Release Date, Trailers, Star Cast, Plot, and much more



Flatbush Misdemeanors

Yes, another hilarious season of Flatbush Misdemeanors is back. We will see Dan and Kevin again making their way through life in the funniest manner in the Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2. The crew will continue to struggle most unpredictably. You can watch the series on Showtime.

What is the upcoming plot of the comedy-drama series Flatbush Misdemeanors, Season 2?

Season 2 will be much more hilarious than the earlier season. With Dan and Kevin back, you can expect to laugh your guts out this season. We will also see Zayna and Drew at their funniest. In this season, Kevin will try to create distance from Drew. And Dan and Drew’s connection will only grow cooler and become powerful.

Drew will try to forfeit his mistakes, but the past will haunt him. Zayna will be taking the lead to detach herself from her family’s troubled past. Kareem, who was Dan’s step dad will be selling the bicycles.

There will be a display of fondness and family trying to stick together most hilariously. There will be choices they take most comically.

Who all are starring in the Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2?

The series will continue to have almost the same star cast. We will see Kevin Iso in the role of Kevin. Dan Perlman will be taking the character of Dan.

Kristin Donson will be in the role of Zayna. We will also see Hassan Johnson in the character of Drew. The other characters will also be the same as Maria Bamford playing Maria.

Kerry Coddett will be in the role of Jasmine. Also, we will see Sharlene Cruz in the character of Jess. And then we will have Kareem Green in the role of Kareem.

Is the trailer for the series Flatbush Misdemeanors Season 2 out yet?

Yes, the trailer is out on all streaming platforms. There are a lot of funny punchlines. However, it is hard to choose your favorite part from a “task rabbit” or the club of flickering light.

Season 2 of Flatbush Misdemeanors will be available for a watch from June 19, 2022.

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