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FinTeix Has Launched Healthcare Division to Assist Hospitals during Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic.

Shahina Khatun



FinTeix Pte. Ltd., a healthcare startup, has announced the launching of a healthcare division to assist Governments across the globe with PPE supplies outside of China. FinTeix has also announced becoming the certified registered seller of the Maldives Islands.

The Republic of Maldives STO (State Trade Organization) has officially obtained and registered FinTeix Pte. Ltd. – Healthcare as a certified vendor.

The Chairman and Founder of FinTeix have said that The Health Minister of Brazil is communicating with the JV CEO, subsidiary company in Rio de Janeiro, and is contributing to the struggle to meet the country’s shortage supplies of PPE and other medical devices. FinTeix Healthcare has also proposed to the Italian Health and Defense Ministers this facility after coming to know about the dire need of ventilators in various hospitals in Southern Italy.

FinTeix is now proactively contacting and negotiating with suppliers in Europe, Asia, and North America to manufacture several medical devices and source PPE’s through the FinTeix brand. The healthcare company trusts and counts on reaching out to the global community, especially during this present healthcare crisis are the key to developing a strong awareness of social responsibility. FinTeix Healthcare plans to provide an assisting hand to the Singapore Government at this critical time and believes it is crucial to prioritize the PPE shortage problem in their national base.

FinTeix Healthcare startup is established on the vision of leading and pioneering effective transformation and innovation to the various needful industries of Healthcare, Energy, Telecom, and Finance; they always pursue value collaboration with similar companies believing in the same goal and seeking to restore order, integrity, and equality to these industries.

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