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Finding Happy: Release, cast, story, trailer, and all info



Finding Happy

Finding Happy is African American TV series. The streaming platform Bounce will premiere the series. The release date of the series is the 24th of September.

What is Finding Happy about?

Finding Happy is drama as well as tragedy. Bounce describes the show as a dramedy. It starts with the life of Yaz and her 36th birthday. Yaz is not satisfied with her life. She feels unfulfilled within herself.

It is a 10-episode season. The series shows how the life of Yaz unfolds. It shows her family and how both its positive and negative consequences affect her. The series puts light on her career and love life as well. The show also aims to show the audience that true love is always within oneself.

Who is in the cast of the show?

B. Simone is the main lead of the series. She plays the character of Yaz. Other cast members include Kim Coles, Marketta Patrice, and Angela Gibbs. The show also includes Stevie Baggs and Mike Merill.

Kendra Jo and Yasmine Coleman are the show’s creators, writers, and showrunners. Angela Wells joins them as well. The show’s executive producers include Jo, Reesha Archibald, and Cedric The Entertainer. A Bird and A Bear Entertainment also produce Finding Happy.

What is the review of the show?

The series is a drama and tragedy. It gives us some important life lessons. It also touches upon all the important life topics, such as family, career, and love. This is important as no one talks about it. The younger generation will also love the show a lot.

Is the trailer of the show available?

Yes. The super trailer of the show is available to watch on Youtube. You can also watch it on the youtube channel Bounce.

The show features black women as the lead cast. It is an important achievement for people of color. They have come a long way to get recognized for their talents. Watch the show for their talent and hard work.

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