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Final Version of WinRar 5.80 is Now Ready to Download

Shahina Khatun



The win.rar GmbH and the are glad to declare about the final release of the WinRAR 5.80. This latest update is focused on the specific enhancements for the particular use-cases as well as it has now improved the usability and the speed particularly for the users working with a gigantic amount of archives and files.

In all the previous versions, WinRAR had more options for the time settings as well as backup were added, and now these things have further been developed and also refined to increase all the variety of the time settings which are available to the users. By the addition of the “Preserve source files last access time” function, the users who are in need of archiving the files for more analysis, have the possibility to do without changing any part of the files involving the last access timestamp. This newer feature can be crucial for the backup reasons and for the forensic and crime examiners who are looking forward to saving their files with the maximum details like total Unicode path name, NTFS alternate streams and 3 timestamps.

The speed of archiving for larger NTFS alternate data streaming on the multi-core CPUs is enhanced. The tasks can now be completed quickly to save time. In addition to this, the “Find” command has also been improved. Previously, a password was required when extracting the encrypted files from “Search results”. Now, the password is required once, and users can now search also among the UTF-8 files which preciously were not supported.

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