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Fenway Group Celebrates Anniversary of Developing the Next Generation of Technologists

Shahina Khatun



Today, the Fenway Group had announced the celebration of the anniversary. On a mission to partner with the Fortune 500 companies and select the universities to supply the untapped pipeline of the IT talent, the Fenway Group started pioneering the unique outsourcing services model. After some years of innovation, along with a resolute commitment to service, the company is reputed as a visionary that enables enterprises to acquire IT outcomes while growing the following generation of technologists.

VP of Sales named Liz Kimball said that it had been fascinating to watch the domination of Fenway Group, and with their mission of developing the following generation of technologists, they took pride in the impact that they had seen within every partnered community of the university.

The delivery centers of Fenway Group advance is a collaborative culture of flexibility, mentorship and opportunity that provides the required foundation to keep pace with today’s fast-changing technology landscape.

Fenway Group separates itself by making a partnership with the Fortune 500 companies and selects some universities across the nation to mentor, identify, and coach the upcoming IT talent. Their partner companies get more IT capacity and capabilities to inject the quality and value in their organizations. Their affiliated universities see the enhancements to retention, enrollment and the application of learning in critical real-world situations.

Since the beginning of the Fenway Group’s program, hundreds of associate consultants have joined the workforce started at the middle to senior-level positions comparing to the entry-level roles of their contemporaries. Companies like American Airlines, CenturyLink, Dell, GM Financial and Raytheon are getting advantages from the skills introduced in the participants.

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