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Europe based start-up, Currency Alliance has created the B2B global loyalty currency ecosystem to help customers earn more points, faster across multiple programs. 

Currency Alliance’s SaaS platform operates a global loyalty ecosystem for issuing, redeeming, or exchanging any Loyalty Point currency.

Currency Alliance CEO, Charles Ehredt says “We are accelerating the customer’s journey to rewards by making it easier for them to earn and spend points with a wider range of brands. Brands, meanwhile, benefit from the insights of a larger network, and the tools needed to enable better experiences for their most loyal customers. And, more importantly, our partners can discover those less frequent customers who – with the right incentives – can become loyal advocates.”

This new ecosystem created by Currency Alliance helps create more liquidity with loyalty point currencies, so they are more appealing and attract engagement from a wider audience of customers.  Most customers rarely earn enough points with any one brand to put them to good use.

Beyonde Managing Director, Simon Rowles states “We think this will be the catalyst for an ambitious Australian bank loyalty program to finally allow customers to switch their bank points into the loyalty program of their choice – whatever program that is. This is the likely endgame in bank loyalty programs as their value plummets under Australian payments reforms. We’re constantly seeking the kinds of platforms that will deliver large gains in Customer Experience for our Australian clients and have had Currency Alliance in our sights for some time.”

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