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EpixelTeam Working on New Features to Tackle Future SImilar Crisis

Shahina Khatun



Epixel’s R&D team are working to increase features of Epixel MLM software. As the world is threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone is mandated to stay at home, like many others, Epixel’s employees are working from their home. Though they have many remote working tools, the team is developing many extra features to them. They are assuring that these new tools will increase the productivity of MLM companies.

Recently, Epixel has proclaimed that their team is developing new features to boost up the productivity of MLM companies.

The coronavirus pandemic has posed a great threat and created panic in the world. The spreading and infected people’s number are rising with time. The post coronavirus financial crisis will hit the world economy like never before. MLM industry won’t be an exception.

But Epixel, the world’s most popular MLM system, has an epic team which is doing a task to cope with the scenario. They hope that these newly innovated features will help increase the productivity of the companies not for only this crisis but also for the future ones.

The Co-founder of Epixel Solution, Sajin Rajan, stated that the Epixel MLM software is their flagship product and their integrated system automate MLM businesses. Their dashboard is now accessible on any device from anywhere. Their team has got an idea and decided to create some new features to widen the door of opportunity. After updating the software with these features, the distributor network can provide sale by recognizing more prospects through various marketing channels. People can also access them from their website.

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