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Engineering on the Edge: Release date, trailer, star cast, and All You Need to Know!



Engineering on the Edge

Trask Bradbury and his team are ready to climb the modern structural wonders on December 14, 2022. Engineering on the Edge will show us the tallest and biggest megastructures up close, so be ready.

What is the synopsis of Engineering on the Edge?

Engineering on the Edge is a documentary series that presents us with the most skilled Rope Access technicians risking their lives to keep the megastructure in perfect condition. The series also shows us the everyday work of Elite Rope Access technician Trask Bradbury and his crew. You will see the technicalities of the work and the risk involved firsthand in the series.

You can see Trask Bradbury hanging thousands of feet above the ground with only rope supports. The show gave us a thrilling experience as well as provided us with useful information about the megastructure. It shows us the big infrastructure with a new perspective and shares with us unknown facts about the buildings and bridges.

Who are the cast members of Engineering on the Edge?

The cast of the series includes Trask Bradbury and his supporting crew of technicians. Together they climb Maga structures and restore them to their original state. The series will also contain many episodes, with the first episode released on December 14, 2022.

The title of the first episode is Engineering on the Edge Pegasus and Dragon. Trask Bradbury and his team will climb the world’s largest bronze statues, Pegasus and Dragon, to inspect the largest roller coaster in the world.

Is the new trailer out yet?

Yes, the trailer of the documentary series Engineering on the Edge is out and available to watch on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Prepare yourself to feel the thrill of hanging thousands of feet high in the sky. See Trask Bradbury, and his team gets the job done on the Science channel.

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