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Educator Greg Mullen Is Exploring the Core of Education with Newer Book and Podcast

Shahina Khatun



Let us educate the entire child improve the entire school. The administrators as well as the teachers know that the implementation evidence based and the innovative teaching practices can also feel like juggling. If you have the standard based learning in one hand and the social emotional learning in the other, then what can you do with the cognitive development? The book can clearly show how one can balance of the three by combining those concepts into realistic and manageable plans to become successful.

To make it more clear and easy to follow the language, the educational expert as well as master teacher named Greg Mullen has introduced a 3 tiered, a flexible, an outstanding visual framework design for the schoolwide collaboration. He also offers things like:

  • An integrated philosophy concentrated on the self-directed learning as well as the entire child
  • Research generated from the CASEL and the state programs and the initiatives.
  • Attention to the academic inclusion, classroom management and behavior intervention.
  • Numerous illustrations, graphics as well as the tables
  • Supplemental resources along with necessary tools for implementation

In addition to his newer book, this great educational expert and master teacher has highlighted several of the topics in his written book in the newer podcast named The Exploring the Core Podcast. Each of the episodes highlights a challenging aspect of advancing education reform that include the standard based as well as social emotional learning by interviewing the experts in this field from throughout the entire country.

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