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Eastek Automated Circuit Technologies Concentrates on Newer Services

Shahina Khatun



Eastek Automated Circuit Technologies (EACT), LLC has declared the installation of a quick turn and rapid prototype service for the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA). EACT has been supporting the customers of PCBA with prototypes and small to medium sized production since 1999.

On 1st April 2020, EACT will concentrate on a newer service which will provide rapid prototyping of the PCBA for its newer and ongoing customers. The Site Leader of EACT named Kevin Grob said that he was excited to introduce that newer Prototype business to round out their capabilities at the EACT. Also, they could provide their core customers with the electronic manufacturing, and they would be able to engage their customers at design level by offering their quick turn prototyping capabilities. He also said that they would be able to serve their customers better by focusing on their core competencies such as the PCB assembly as well as quick turn prototype work.

The President of Eastek International Corporation, also the parent company of EACT was Dave Vrioni. He said that the focus on delivering their strategic accounts merged with the introduction of that key design service would allow them to influence their strengths and would also provide a range of capabilities to their customer partners.

Eastek International Corporation is a US-based, operated and owned Contract Manufacturer. From 1990, their mission had been quite simple – to help their customers to be the most successful. They do this by using their global manufacturing experts and resources to provide the highest quality product to their customers efficiently.

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