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Donna L. Perkins Is Admired as a Woman of the Month for 2020 January by P.O.W.E.R.

Shahina Khatun



Donna L. Perkins is from the North Kansas City of Missouri, and she has been honored as the Woman of the Month for January 2020 by the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (POWER). It is because of her impressive contributions in the field of finance. Every month, POWER highlights the women to represent their industries, talents, and professions because of their expertise and success in their selected specialty.

Donna L. Perkins is a consumer advocate and a credit expert having the experience of 30 years of the credit industry. She is a specialist in credit restoration and repairing, credit scoring, credit reporting as well as in debt restoration. Being a credit expert, she has arrived several times on the news programs broadcasting with NBC, ABC, Fox, and others.

Ms. Donna Perkins is the president of the Kansas City Credit Services, which is a credit repair organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1991. Under her excellent leadership, KC Credit Services has aided more than 110,000 nationwide customers to restore their lives by enhancing their credit profiles. Also, Donna supervises the operations of KC Credit Services and is often asked to speak at the credit education events held by the company. She stays in touch with the requirements of the clients by advising them on credit repairs and also assists with proper judgment resolutions. In addition to these, Donna sometimes teaches her consumers how to set up a new credit and how to arrange for real estate purchases.

POWER is an online community and a digital and exclusive print magazine that highlights famous and professional women. Their mission is to provide a strong network of empowering the women who will be a mentor and inspire each other to become as good as they can be.

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