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Digital Transformation is at Its Peak: 5 Ways People Are Adopting Digitalization to Survive Coronavirus

Shahina Khatun



Coronavirus is affecting every aspect of life. Even businesses are adopting digitalization and transforming to be compatible globally. Here are some ways digital transformation is entering into the artery and the vein of the modern-day lifestyle.

  1. Everything is happening virtually: Meeting and conferences are no longer face to face meet up phenomenon. Organizers are arranging meetings and events on online platforms. Many essential and significant events are taking place in virtual groups and enabling people to attend them from home.
  2. Using Blockchain additionally: During these days of the pandemic, Blockchain is seeing a rise in their user group. People are using it to advantage their businesses. Several countries are utilizing Blockchain to try the facial recognition feature to check whether a person is affected or not by a coronavirus.
  3. Enormous data use: Communications have already been shifted to virtual platforms. Now with this time of crisis when people are forced to remain at home, online communication platforms are facing pressure to handle all this data transition.
  1. Social media and websites: Social media is currently one of the most essential sources of news and daily newspapers have turned into websites many days before. Apart from them, numerous blogs and websites are serving people online to cope with the situation.
  2. Digital workplace: People are experiencing what a work-from-home is like. Many organizations are conveying their activities from home. Many educational institutes are also continuing their educational curricular via video conferences and online classes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed the greatest risk of the past decade on human beings. But they are using their greatest inventions to fight it and survive.

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