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Diamond Wholesale Group Inc. Has Embraced the Lessons of the Blood Diamond and the Kimberley Process

Shahina Khatun



Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. has advised all of their valued Clientele consistently that the Diamonds were meant to be a nice gift of love and they at the Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. (DWGI) despise the way where some groups of rebel had utilized the rough diamonds to find the conflict.

DWGI is continuing to embrace those stern lessons of the Warner Brothers Pictures film Blood Diamond and the additional films as well as the other media which shed the light on some disturbing the subject matter of the conflict diamonds.

In the latest presentation to the International Diamond Trade Stakeholders during the quarterly of the December 2019 of DWGI Premium Rough Diamond Tender, the Diamond Acquisition Stag highlighted that was a story which needed to be held – if they were to prevent the continuing tragedies flowing from the abuse of the diamond revenues. However, that was equally essential to note in the peaceful African countries, the diamonds had contributed needed the funds which was responsible governments had used to build the roads, housing and schools. They added that diamond revenues had also aided the governments in the battle with the EBOLA and AIDS.  

Today, Kimberley Process is regulating around 99% of the rough diamond supply of the world to prevent the proliferation as well as sales of the conflict diamonds. Russia will serve being the Kimberley Process Chair by the year of 2020 with the Botswana assuming the Chair in the year of 2021. DWGI warrants that all the certified loose the colorless natural diamonds.

Today, the Kimberley Process regulates 99% of the world’s rough diamond supply to prevent the proliferation and sale of conflict diamonds. Russia will serve as the Kimberley Process Chair in 2020, with Botswana assuming the Chair in 2021 in furtherance of saving current and future generations from the scourge of war due to blood diamonds.

DWGI fully warrants that all of its certified loose colorless natural diamonds, loose colored fancy natural diamonds, premium rough diamonds and hand-made custom jewelry is conflict-free and in full compliance with all applicable Kimberley Process Regulations and United Nations Resolutions. In addition, Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc., by and through its professional trade association membership(s), assists in furthering needed responsible ethical, social and environmental standards for the International Diamond Trade.

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