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DGS Announces New Drone Detecting Surveillance Radar

Shahina Khatun



DGS (Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc) has announced a newer series of drone control radar sensors and information systems in the DroneMaster Anti-Drone Counter-UAS System family, which can identify both Class 1 and Class 2 drones in lower altitude airspace.

The new DSR-3X Drone control radar offers upgraded 3D radar capabilities to identify, classify, track and respond to the security threats that are posed by the aircraft in lower-level airspace as well as humans, animals and even vehicles on the ground. It also covers around a 360-degree field of view – tracking, detecting, responding and classifying to intruders with an unprecedented detection range of around 15 km, including the detection of class 1 $ 2 drones at 5 km range. Also, it can measure the elevations of 2D tracks in real-time.

The CEO of DGS, named Daniel Chou, said that the DroneMaster Anti-Drone Counter-UAS system has been very effective in countering the drone solution for their customers. They were combined with a series of drone detection sensors and countermeasures, that had been utilized for responding and surveilling to lower altitude airborne threats. Since they had seen a development in the utilization of drones, they had decided to develop their family of products to respond to the progressing threats posed by the commercial drones.

Daniel also said that going beyond the most recent ground control radars, their newer DSR-3X Drone Surveillance Radar could observe lower altitude airspace for the drones, while simultaneously monitoring the ground for the other threats. That meant DSR-3X could also track human controllers of the drones and made that possible to investigate and interdict the intrusion events like never before. That added capability would make the DroneMaster family even stronger.

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