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Davos Networks Announces the Partnership with Check Point Software

Shahina Khatun



The Swiss company Davos Network is providing inclusive Cyber Security and the Network Solutions and today they have announced that they have signed in a partnership agreement with the Cloud Security Service Provider Check Point Software AG. This company is the top provider of the Cyber Security solutions across the entire globe. The Davos Networks has entered into the partnership with the Cloud Security Service Provider Point Software AG to facilitate the CloudGuard IaaS for the enterprise customers.

The CEO of the Davos Networks named Bajram Hoxha said that with the strategic partnership they were incorporating the cloud security solutions of the check point into their IaaS offerings so that they could provide their customers with advanced protection from 5th generation threat.

The Cloud Security is now a shared responsibility between customer and the service provider and it can be a very challenging model to implement. Through the partnership, the Davos Networks and the Check Point Software are activating the customers to enlarge their investment in the cloud infrastructure through protecting against the most complex, 5th generation cyber threats.

Davos Networks is one of those leading and the innovative Swiss companies who provide inclusive cyber security along with network solutions. With a wide number of the security experts in the Bern, the Davos Networks gives information security at a huge range of various customers throughout the Switzerland. Their customers include the leading banks, the industrial companies, health care providers, insurance companies, energy service providers as well as the public administration.

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