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David Crais of CMG Carealytics Was Invited to NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit

Shahina Khatun



The CEO of the CMG Carealytics named David Crais was invited to 4th Cross Industry Innovation Summit which was held last week at the Johnson Space Center in the Houston of Texas. An absolute and licensed team of the Chief Innovation Officers from the NASA, Columbia University Business School, the US Navy, Barnard College, Google, Amazon, Dow Jones and some other global organizations. The Cross Industry Innovation Summit was held for 3 days last week at the Johnson Space Center, and it is really a deep drive into the theory of innovations and practice from the venture startups, capital as well as technology transfer to allied innovation research and labs as well as development programs. The business, government and social leaders, by exploring the investigative and discovery process with development, manufacturing, and adaptation of advanced technologies as well as newer program development are working hands on so that they can share some ideas and the framework to advance their domains.

CMG Carealytics is a product development and management firm which is specializing in the medical, scientific and the complex industries and systems. It is known as a ruler in the field of commercialization and innovation. This CMG Carealytics was founded as well as led by David Crais who continues to spearhead the newer innovation procedure, and he also practices in the quality agile, engineering, scrum, business analysis, and product management and also in technologies from regenerative medicine, biotech, medical device, personalized medicine, digital medicine, imaging, thermography, printed electronics as well as other technologies

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