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Dahmer Monster: Release, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more info



Dahmer Monster Scene

Dahmer Monster is an American series. It is a limited drama series. The genre of the series is a biographical crime. The famous streaming platform Netflix will premiere the show. However, the show’s release date is on the 21st of September, 2022.

Who is in the cast of Dahmer Monster?

The cast of this show is quite talented. The main actor for this show is Evan Peters. He portrays the main role of Jeffrey Dahmer. The cast also has Richard Jenkins playing the role of Lionel Dahmer.

The cast also includes Penelope Ann Miller in the role of Joyce Dahmer. Molly Ringwald plays Shari Dahmer. Niecy Nash plays the role of Glenda Cleveland.

Michael Learned for Catherine Dahmer. Shaun J. Brown plays Tracy Edwards. Chazz’s role is for Colin Ford to play.

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan are the creators and executive producers of the show. However, Mathew Hart and Reilley Smith are the producers of the show. Ryan Murphy Productions is the production company of the show.

Dahmer Monster Scene

What is the summary of the show?

The series features the infamous murders. The murders also got traced back to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. The show is from the point of view of the victims.

What is the review of the show Dahmer Monster?

The show is a biographical series on Jeffery Dahmer. He was one of the most infamous serial killers. The victims chosen for the show were the most scarred ones. The show also deals with them and showcases their stories. Those who like thriller and crime genres will love the show.

Is the trailer of the show available?

Yes. The trailer of the show is available to watch on the official youtube channel of Netflix.

The show is a very nice depiction of a serial killer’s mind. It also shows how the victims get scarred because of these traumatic moments in their life.

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