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Custer Institute, Inc. Announces the Appointment of New Executive Director

Shahina Khatun



Custer Institute Inc. in the Southold of NY is glad to declare the appointment of Cynthia A. Cichanowicz as a new Executive Director. The position is quite possible with the funds given by the generous support of Helen and Charles Reichert.

The Custer Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which is located on the Bayview Rd. in Southold. It was first founded in 1927 by Charles Elmer and other experts who are interested in science, astronomy, culture and education. Charles Elmer was the co-founder of Perkin Elmer Corporation. At present, Custer is continuing to grow over the years by adding several observatories by offering courses and lecturers in the fields which are ranging from astronomy to music, geology to beekeeping. Also, Custer hosts various concerts as well as education programs supporting universities, local community and scout groups and even more. It also funds an annual STEM scholarship for the students of local educational institutes. It is open to the public every Saturday night to view through a telescope.

Cichanowicz is an avid amateur astronomer, as well as an ardent marathon runner. She is repeatedly elected Secretary of the Custer Board and is poised to guide the Custer Institute as being a new Executive Director. Her appointment comes as the organization implements a plan of the tricky growth in grant programs, growth and outreach.

The President of Custer, named Charles Cardona, said that Cynthia is an impressive addition, which would aid Custer in growing and providing better programs for the local educational institutes, for the public and more. Charles felt honored to have the chance to lead Custer Institute as it is currently poised to develop its vision.

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