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Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields: Release, cast, trailer, and other details



Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields

Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields is an American series. The genre of the series is documentary. The series will premiere on the famous streaming platform Netflix. The release date of the series is on the 29th of November, 2022.

What is the show Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields about?

This show is the third installment in this docuseries. The show is set in an area in Texas. The name of the area is Texas Killing Fields. The area is over 25 acres. The name of the area tells us about a horrifying incident that took place. The police discovered the bodies of several young there.

Three girls went missing in the 1980s. They were later found dead in the area. In 1991, a fourth victim’s body was also found there. But we don’t know who committed these brutal murders. But the father of one of the girls is still striving for justice. The show is about his story and a dive into the investigations to reveal a bitter truth.

Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields Scene

Who is in the cast of Crime Scene The Texas Killing Fields?

There are very few cast members. One of the main cast members is the father of one of the victims. Other than that, we have the crew. Joe Berlinger is the executive producer of the show. He has experience working with other crime shows on Netflix. He will open the case file and investigate it again from the beginning. Jessica Dimmock is the director of the show.

What is the review of the show?

The show is yet another crime docuseries. Netflix is producing a large number of crime thrillers these days. The story is disturbing to watch. But it will keep you hooked to your seats. The style of direction is also nice. The show is a one-time watch.

Is the trailer available?

Yes. The trailer for the show is available to watch.

The show can be disturbing for some people to watch. Please watch it carefully.

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