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Compulocks Releases Custom-Designed “Ledge” Security Lock for the Microsoft Surface Go and Pro Tablets

Shahina Khatun



Compulocks is well known for its security and display hardware solutions. They have declared the introduction of their first Surface Ledge which is a lock slot adapter for Microsoft’s Surface Pro and the Surface Go tablets. Compulocks has now allowed to secure them with a cable lock.

The value of a tablet has made it one of the most demanding objects for theft, but still, there is no physical security solution. The Ledge is an ideal deterrent for these devices. A tablet has the most sensitive information of the users, including private photos, financial details, professional data, and even more. There are a lot of options to keep the software and the content well protected, but the physical hardware security is overlooked most often. A Ledge lock slot adapter can keep your device safe and secure, which is the number one priority.

The CTO of Compulocks named Alexander Gad said that they had seen that as their responsibility to provide the best hardware security for Surface Pro and Go tablets range.

This stylish and secure “Ledge” is the slimmest and ultra-lightweight cable lock slot adapter in the world, which is exclusively designed for Microsoft Surface tablets.

To protect against the occurrences like theft, this Surface Security Lock has been custom-designed and manufactured to complete with a reinforced nylon edge, which has a protective inner rubber coating to provide strong protection from scratches and the aluminum casting.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup is regarded as the best business range with an impressive design and build quality. But it doesn’t include any kind of physical security feature.

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