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ColonialWebb Has Announced the Promotion of Ian Handley

Shahina Khatun



Today, the ColonialWebb has announced that Ian Handley is promoted to the Project Executive, effective 17th January 2020. Since the year 2008, Ian Handley has been working with the ColonialWebb, and there he began as the Project Engineer in Construction being graduated from VCU with Mechanical Engineering degree. From the previous 12 years, he has given his talent to the company. His capacity to observe various customers and projects by mentoring other is a crucial asset to his Project Executive role. His leadership as well as professionalism is very influtial to the company. In addition to this, he will also be responsible for mentoring and growing a greater group to meet up the expectation of the customers.

Ian Handley said that he was sincerely grateful for the opportunity and the recognition that the company afforded him through the promotion. Working with several talented people and leladers at the ColonialWebb had been valuable in his career progression. He was eager to apply his passion for the work that they performed and the customers that the served in his newer role as the Project Executive. He also said that he was very excited to join the leadership group of the professionals in the construction and was proud to become a part of the developing business where they found innovative paths to reduce the expectations of their customers.

The Vice President, Construction at the ColonialWebb named Brett Mutnick said that as their construction business was growing, he was thrilled to have talented project management group which would continue to grow and to create chances for their people.

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