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CNBC’s Summer Line-up “Super Heists” Premieres Next Week!




“Super Heists” cracks open the case files of master thieves, examining their crimes from two distinct, yet parallel points of view: the masterminds themselves and the investigators who doggedly pursue them. Whether it’s the huge bankrolls that fund these heists or the thieves’ mad dash to stash their loot, investigators know that the best way to solve the case is to follow the money.

Super Heists Series Premiere

The six-episode produced by Jupiter Entertainment that premieres Monday, August 9, 2021, at 10:00 PM ET on CNBC, will uncover some of the most outrageous heists in history – from America’s biggest bank heist rumored to contain a $30 million Nixon slush fund and sparked one of the largest federal investigations on record…to the audacious caper involving $12 million in rare books. Each story reveals the single fatal flaw that broke the case.

Additional episodes include the second-largest bank heist in American history (“The Loomis Depot Heist”), an art heist where Picasso masterpieces disappeared in plain sight (“The Mark Lugo Affair”), and the infamous “Heist of the Century” where the masterminds tunneled into a bank vault and wheeled out $160 million in uninsured cash (“The Banco Rio Job”).

“Money is the central character in all of our storytelling,” said Denise Contis, Executive Vice President and Head of Content, CNBC Primetime. ”‘Super Heists’ offers a fresh take on the true-crime genre and illustrates our continuing commitment to high-quality programming.”


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