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Choice Home Warranty Announces New Service Sympathizing with Its Customers

Shahina Khatun



Choice Home Warranty has recently announced to provide its subscribers a special coverage during this time of COVID-19 crisis. In a statement, the CEO of the company Victor Hakim said that “At this time, more than ever, our customers need us,” As there are millions of people obligated to stay in the home the Choice Home Warranty is giving its existing and new service contract customers broader home protection. They are providing this coverage for a customer’s vital home systems and appliances.

Though the enhanced coverage won’t actually cover every home appliance, still the company has decided to offer as much as they can to show their greatest sympathy towards their customers. According to Victor Hakim, the company thinks that such service will reduce their customer’s worry about using their essential households. Now they don’t have to worry if they stop working.

While many of its employees are working from home and pandemic COVID-19 is still a growing threat Choice Home warranty believes in keeping its commitment. With the help of modern technology and its over 15000 technicians, the company is providing expected service to its customers.

Even when people are not leaving their homes except an emergency, Choice Home Warranty has covered almost 1 million homes all over the country. It has also responded to over 2.5 million service requests.

Choice Home Warranty is a well-known home warranty company in New Jersey. It provides service contracts to customers for repairing and replacing home systems because of any accidents. In this critical time, the company is showing true value to its consumers.

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