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Children of the underground: Release date, trailer, star cast, and other updates



Children of the underground

Children of the underground follow the real-life story of Faye Yager, acclaimed to have saved the lives of thousands of children and mothers who their husbands abused.

What is the synopsis of the docuseries?

Children of the underground is a docuseries. However, the docuseries tells the story of the charismatic vigilante, Faye Yager. She also built a vast underground network that hid hundreds of children and mothers whose fathers and husbands abused them. She saved them when the justice system failed to do so.

Stepping into the spotlight of daytime TV talk shows to raise awareness for the cause, Yager placed herself under the radar of the FBI. However, this set off a highly publicized trial that raised the specter of a dark side to the movement.

Who Are Kids of the Underground’s Faye Yager?

Faye Yager was the driving power of thousands of clandestine communities that shielded thousands of abused kids from the courtroom system. The courts often returned the children to their abusers. The courtroom’s choice to ship her daughter again to her violent father also reportedly made Faye begin such an underground society.

When the courtroom selected not to take Faye’s daughter’s custody away from the abusive father, she established a community of safe homes for mothers and children. As a way to forestall what occurred to her and her daughter from taking place to anyone else, she gave the community the name “Kids of Underground”.

Faye began an underground railroad to assist mothers and their kids in escaping the men who abused them. In keeping with the documentary, Yager also advocated for non-custodial dads and moms to abduct their kids to be able to save them.

Who are the crew and cast of the series?

Story Syndicate produced the docuseries. Oscar and Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus founded the Story Syndicate. Executively produced by Cogan, Garbus, Jon Bardin, and Kate Barry, alongside directors Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Ted Gesing.

What is the release date of the docuseries?

The docuseries is slated to release on 12th August 2022. It would release on FX Networks. The docuseries would also release on Hulu after the FX Network release. All the episodes of the series would release together.

Is the trailer of the series out?

Yes, the trailer for the docuseries was released on 20th July 2022.

The docuseries would also follow the highly sensationalized case of Faye Yager. Ready to release on 12th August.

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