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Chi Universe Innovates New Way to Start Kid’s Home School Day

Shahina Khatun



Every parent’s dream is that heir kids will be calm, focused and energized for home learning. Recently, a wellness venture company named Chi Universe has launched a Yoga mat and game package to help kids and their parents with home school. Since parents struggle to keep track of their kid’s progress in new home school, the Chi Universe has introduced a unique way to assist the kids in starting their school day and comfortably moving to the next subject with more focus and delight.

The secret lies in a yoga break. Various yoga movements, breathing and therapies will energize the body, rising focus and calm the mind.

The Chi Mat has designed with a symbol system that aligns the body properly. It also gamifies yoga. Based on the alignment principle, the mat comes in two different sizes. One is kids’ size and another is a tween or adult size. Parents and kids can do home-based yoga practice together and the sweeter part is it will create a playtime bonding between them. The process will get everyone active physically and warm up the brain, reducing distress.

 Chi universe’s latest innovation makes yoga more fun and it has a 10-levelwell-formed curriculum. Each Chi Mat has various how-to-game poster of around 200 poses. They have also launched a free downloadable app that is upgrading and there are also online kids’ videos, a deck of a card game to be an alternative to screen time.In a sentence, this Mat & Game package is a complete educational Yoga and Wellness program.

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