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ChatPal Has Rleased a New Feature Focused on Promoting Social Distance

Shahina Khatun



The coronavirus pandemic continues to pose challenges in our day to day lives. Grocery stores and other chains are not only dealing with reduced foot traffic due to social distancing regulations but also with the safety of their staffs and consumers in the active COVID-19 cases at places across the country. This situation is forcing retail businesses to seek out emergency ways to serve their consumers while staying compliant with social distancing guidelines. Some retail chains are implementing new policies and measures to assure a “contactless service mode” to safeguard their customers.

A unique, free social networking app, ChatPal, seemingly to have messaging features that could help reduce many of the issues that retail businesses face in this new situation of social distancing. It is designed to enable messaging within users’ immediate vicinity like 300 feet or so.ChatPal allows users to stay in touch with others without making them divulge their phone numbers or other private handles. It is a solution for a situation where you need to connect quickly with a store’s service associates.

With ChatPal users can turn every building, retail store, classroom, coffee shop into a giant local messaging environment and they also can communicate in a way that was not possible before. This app has special features to allow people to engage and connect with the community around them.

As the world stands almost still due to COVID-19, its time to be more cautious and use technology to maintain and maximize social distancing in different types of situations, every avenue could be pivotal to prevent this malicious spread across our country and the globe.

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