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Chad and JT Go Deep: Release Date, Cast, Review, Trailer, and more details…



Chad and JT Go Deep

Chad and JT Go Deep is a comedy series. It is set to premiere on Netflix on August 23, Tuesday.

What is the Synopsis of the series?

Chad is also known by his real name Tom Allen. JT is JT Parr. The duo will take their activism to the streets. They are doing this with Netflix. The series follows the duo as they spread awareness about important issues. These issues are serious and sometimes comedic. The show is set in Southern California.

Everything goes well until they get canceled. It happens because of their show. In this moment of crisis, they use their activism to stand up. And they win.

The duo also hosts a weekly podcast. The podcast’s name is “Going Deep with Chad & JT.” It is a comedic podcast. The duo discusses recent events. They honor legends. They explore and comment on ongoing beef in the internet world. Also, they advise their fans.

What is the cast of Chad and JT Go Deep?

It is now pretty much evident. The show stars the iconic comedy duo Chad Kroeger and JT Parr. They are also the executive producers. Dave Kneebone and Tim Heidecker are the Executive Producers. Eric Wareheim and Daniel Lucchesi also joined this team. Abso Lutely Productions produces this show.

What is the review of Chad and JT Go Deep?

The general review of the show is fantastic. The critics love the show. The fans commented that the show was extremely funny. The duo is extremely funny and down to Earth. They don’t forget to make you laugh.

Is the trailer of Chad and JT Go Deep available?

Yes. The trailer is available to watch on the internet.

You can also watch the trailer on Netflix’s original YouTube channel.

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