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Candy: Release Date, Star Cast, Trailer, and all other details




Hulu is back with another interesting plot series, Candy. It may appear to be a simple story of a housewife. But, the thrilling series will change the way viewers perceive the upcoming show. The series is on the real-life story of the murderer Candy Montogomery. It is going to release on May 9th, 2022.

Who all are starring in the upcoming season of Candy?

The series has some extraordinary characters. We will see Jessica Biel playing the role of Candy Montogomery. The actor got famous after her role in the series name Limetown. We will also have Melanie Lynskey in the role of Betty Gore. She was in many films like Kate Winslet. Raúl Esparza will be Don Crowder. We will also see Sharon Conley in the character of Sandra Lockett.

The other cast member in Candy is Timothy Simons. The viewers may also see Dash McCloud and Aven Lotz.

What is the synopsis of the new series Candy on Hulu?

The series will excite with sweet housewife to become a murderer. The series will answer many questions on why the protagonist kills her friend. The viewers may find certain parts of it discomforting as it takes a reference to real-life stories. We will see the protagonist going through phases in her life.

There will be a shallow presentation of characters highlighting the drama in various modes. We will also see candy pulling the life of the 1980s and the struggles one faced back then. The murder case once again will shake up the inner nature of human beings. We will see the repetition of Candy going through conflict before committing the murder.

Is the trailer for the upcoming series Candy out yet?

Yes, the trailer is available on all streaming platforms.

The viewers will find the show entirely captivating and exciting.

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