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Brexit: France Warns UK of Bitter Trade Negotiations

Shahina Khatun



France has warned Britain to expect a crushing battle with the EU in the post-Brexit trade negotiations. The Foreign Minister of France named Jean-Yves Le Drian thought that the two sides would tear each other apart as they aim for benefits in the negotiations. He also said that it would be harder for the UK to acquire the aim of agreeing on a free trade deal by the end of the year. On the other hand, the UK government said that it wanted a deal based on the friendly operation between absolute equals.

Boris Johnson, the chief Brexit negotiator, is highly expected to give some more details of the negotiating team of UK in a speech in Brussels later. At the same time, David Frost is also expected to say that the UK will be happy with the trade deal based on that agreed by EU with Canada during 2016, but to rule out any form of supervisory alignment with bloc from 2021 onwards.

Formally, the UK left the EU two weeks earlier but still trades like a member under the transition period that ends on 31 December. Speaking at a security conference in Munich on Sunday, Mr. Le Drian said that the two sides were far on a range of issues. He said that he though on trade issues and the mechanism for future relations, which they were going to start, they were going to rip each other apart. But that was the part of negotiations, and everyone would defend their own interest.

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