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Blue Shark Vodka Has Declared a Collaboration with Wyland

Shahina Khatun



Today, the Blue Shark Vodka has declared a new collaboration with Wyland. He is a world reputed marine life muralist as well as a conservationist, and he will collaborate with Blue Shark Vodka to build a genuine oil painting that will be reproduced, printed and placed digitally on 750 mL collector bottles. This collector bottle will debut in May 2020. A fraction of advancement from every bottle will provide support to the efforts of the non-profit Wyland Foundation to increase the level of awareness about the necessity of clean water and healthy oceans.

Mark, the Founder of Blue Shark Vodka, said that it was an honor to work with Wyland after mentioning him as an esteemed and celebrated artist. He also praised the work done by Wyland and though that his artistic style will create an excellent pairing with their mission.

Wyland, on the other hand, said that his art and foundation had always been conservative, and he had been inspired during the earlier period of the 70s by Greenpeace, which was ‘the first Earth Day’. He had strongly felt that art could have played a key role in getting attention to environmental problems. He was also proud to see the way how Blue Shark Vodka shared the commitment. They had made a clear spirit like the water that they all cared for. He also said that he couldn’t wait to share that.

Blue Shark Vodka was launched during 2019 with a notable success along with support across New Hanover County. Consumers now can easily buy Blue Shark Vodka in North Carolina ABS stores in 750mL bottles.

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