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Bling Empire Season 2: Release date, Trailer, Star Cast, and All You Need to Know!



Bling Empire

Netflix is back with another amazing season of Bling Empire. With the success of the first season of America’s wealthy socialites, it is time to dig into their life once again. The series will jazz up all the details of the socialites and how they flaunt their luxurious life.

The viewers will be exposed to never-ending drama with amazing opulence. The rich Asians are all set to amaze the world once again with their high social life. We will see many new additions in the upcoming series.

Who all are starring in the upcoming series of Bling Empire Season 2?

The star cast for the latest will be as fresh as mint with some cast from the last season. It is now 100% confirmed that Cherie and Jessey would not be coming as star cast anymore. Also, we can see new faces joining in.

We will see most of them come back. Anna and Christine will fight their way to name their people. There will be more problems and amazing solutions. We will also see Kevin and Kim. Then, Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi LI will also be back. Finally, the viewers will see Kane Lim and Jamie Xie with Cherie Chan and Guy Tang.

In terms of new faces, we will see Dorothy Wang and also Mimi Morris.

Bling Empire Season 2

What is the synopsis of Bling Empire Season 2?

The series will feature more drama in the life of rich Asians. There will be more flirting, fighting, and rivalries will take place in the friendship. It is going to be a roller-coaster ride between Anna and Christine.

Is the trailer for the latest season of Bling Empire Season 2 out yet?

Yes, the trailer is available on all the streaming platforms.

The Bling Empire Season 2 embarks on another drama fuelled journey. You can watch the series on Netflix from 13th May 2022.

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