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Big Tobacco’s Longest Service CEO Unexpectedly Resigns

Shahina Khatun



The chief executive officer of the Imperial Brands and also the longest serving CEO of Big Tobacco has resigned unexpectedly which is the latest fallout from the industry. Imperial sells the reputed brands which include Winston and Davidoff. Imperial has reported on the Thursday that they would soon start looking for another one for a substitution of Alison Cooper. Ms. Cooper as well as the Imperial board everyone agreed on Wednesday that the long-lasting CEO should resign.

According to a spokesman, the board is now in an agreement and it is the time for some fresh and new thinking. Due to the administration plans of the Trump, the company is now under pressure which was announced last month. According to his administrative plan, several products in the US has got banned. Ms. Cooper was one and only woman who held the job at FTSE 100 company and she joined the company 20 years ago. From the time she steadily worked with the company to become CEO in 2010.

From the time, she started the job as the CEO, she brought about a huge change there like the industry at that time focused on the products for next generation. They focused on e-cigarettes as well as the device that becomes heated up, but interestingly doesn’t burn the tobacco. Imperial brand is now focused on the e-cigarettes than their main rivals. They left it exposed to regulatory crackdown in US regulators. There are other countries that have tightened on the vaping devices too.

Imperial has struggled separately with their conventional tobacco business and last week they cited a difficult environmental in Asia, Australia and Africa division and as a part of this reason, it slashed the profit as well as the sales.

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