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Berkley Construction Professional Has Introduced Faulty Workmanship Liability Coverage

Shahina Khatun



Berkley Construction Professional is a division of the Berkley Alliance Managers. Berkley Construction Professional has introduced a Faulty Workmanship Liability coverage which fits consecutively with ISO CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy related to the property damage which has arisen from the faulty workmanship. This Faulty Workmanship Liability coverage also addresses the elements of damage which are purposely excluded from ISO CGL policy. This coverage has been triggered by a 3rd party faulty workmanship that claims against the policy holder, but the claim doesn’t have to cite negligence.

The executive Vice President of the Berkley Construction Professional named Raymond F.H. Bustamante said that the coverage was added to the policy of Berkley Construction Professional and the coverage addressed about the CGL policy gap and that was triggered by 3rd party faulty workmanship. He added that the insuring agreement covered an amount of contractors who were legally obligated to pay along with the use of defective products or materials. They covered the property damage which was arising out of the faulty workmanship and that was excluded in the typical ISO CGL policies.

This coverage of Faulty Workmanship Liability is basically an independent and separate insuring agreement which is added to the policy of Berkley Construction Professional Perform. The coverage terms involve the limits or sub-limits up to $2 million.

The Berkley Construction Professional is trained in the construction liability as well as pollution insurance for the construction related industry exposures. It is a division of the Berkley Alliance Managers, a member company of the Berkley.

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