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Benchmark International (South Africa) Has Closed 9 Deals Within 9 Weeks

Shahina Khatun



South African office of the Benchmark International has experienced a sudden increase in the dealings flow as well as in the activities. The company has reported that they have received non-disclosure agreements 51% more from some interested parties along with 71% increment in the number of the offers for the client business. They have reported that the number is more than the last year in the corresponding era.

South African Benchmark office has concluded the volume of transactions and confirms that the positive trend is identified in the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor which is published recently. Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor relies on the early-stage transaction prediction which is compiled from the data on M&A. Those predictive models, which was kept for 2019’s second half, suggested an increment in the sum of dealings to announce in the line of 5% for EMEA region.

Benchmark International has demonstrated this trend and is very pleased to facilitate the following transactions:

  1. Investment by the means of share subscription in Shift South Ltd, trading as the SweepSouth and as Naspers Foundry.
  2. The sale of majority interest in the Counterpoint Trading Ltd to the Shave and Gibson Packaging Ltd.
  3. The merger of the 2 undisclosed conspicuous Ecommerce companies.
  4. The clearance of Groupline Projects Lid by the Wonderstone Ltd.
  5. The sale of the Muffin Mate Coastal Ltd to the Ekuzeni Supplies Ltd.
  6. Sale of the Jordan Human Resources to the Vinton Holdings Ltd.
  7. The sale of undisclosed mining apparatus manufacturer to a Canadian apparatus supplier.
  8. The acquisition of the Ciba Packagig Ltd’s non-core food assets by Lampac CC.
  9. The sale of Nology Ltd along with the Nology Distribution.

Andre Bresler, the managing partner at South African office of Benchmark International commented on the transactions. He said that the range of transactions was a treatment to mature M&A landscape in the South Africa and also the depth of Benchmark team for these nine deals which represented a broad spectrum of M&A activity.

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